greenLand Vegetable



Eat with confidence and good taste.

Greenland wants their consumers to eat products with confidence knowing that they are delicious tasting, nutritious and adhere to strict food safety standards. Food self-sufficiency rate is declining and food importation is on the rise. Food production and growing methods are difficult to understand for a nation that has a high dependency on imported food. It is also difficult, in this situation, to be certain of food safety standards that other countries implement.

Greenland is using the Hydroponic method to grow lettuce. We are not using any pesticides and ensure the growing environment is hygienic in order for our lettuce to grow and thrive. Insects from polluted air or ‘the outside’ do not enter our Indoor Farm. Our consumers’ health is of importance to us and we like to think we deliver products that help them manage a healthy lifestyle. Our products are also appealing to children to eat and enjoy because of the nutrients that remain in our product and make them delicious to eat.



Indoor Farm – that’s what GreenLand is all about!

Agriculture and nature coexist with each other, however these days with unstable weather patterns, it is difficult to sustain stable supply. The traditional farming and agriculture methods always produced delicious vegetables. We aim for this standard and quality with our Indoor Farming, but also maintain a constant supply, regardless of weather.



GreenLand produce four varieties of leafy vegetables.